Asking for money can seem like a daunting task. But when you believe in a cause and you follow a few simple tips, you can accomplish your goal. Before you begin, review some of GOTR's suggestions for effectively reaching your goal.

Tips Roadmap


Kick it off with your own donation.

Give your project a vote of confidence and let others see your commitment by making the first donation.

Reach out directly to the people close to you.

People give to organizations their friends and family support. Let your inner circle be the first to know about your project by emailing or private messaging them individually or as a small group. Ask them to stand with you as the first people to donate.

Use social media to spread the word.

Regularly post about your project through the social media you already use. After your kick-off message about your project and why you’re doing it, posts can be about how much you’ve raised, special thanks to recent donors, an occasional daily-challenge for donations, pictures or video clips related to the project, etc. Be creative!

Be Positive. Be Personal.

If you are excited about Girls on the Run, chances are that your friends and family will get excited too. On your fundraising project page and in your communications, share what you love about Girls on the Run and why you started your project. Include photos.

Set a meaningful goal.

Don’t shortchange the generosity of the people you know. Be confident and clear about the amount you hope to raise. Put the word out when you reach the halfway point and when you’re close to reaching your target! Milestones like that can be great motivators for giving.

Make it easy to give.

Put the link to your project page in every social media post and email about your project as well as in your email signature during the duration of the project.

Ask more than once.

Timing is everything. People miss emails, forget to follow up and/or experience fluctuations in what they have to give. Don’t assume that someone who didn’t give right away is not interested. Reach out more than once and through several channels during the course of your project.

Thank your donors!

Thank each donor within a day or two of their gift. Again, make it positive and personal. Your thanks is their first reward for giving their time and money to support your project.

Roadmap to $500

You don’t have to be a fundraising expert to get to $500 in donations.
Here are 10 steps that can quickly lead you to raising $500!

Show your commitment and contribute to yourself$25

Ask three key family members or friends to match your donation$75

Ask 5 friends to sponsor you for just $10 each$50

Ask your co-workers to sponsor you for $5 each (5 co-workers for $5)$25

Ask a vendor/supplier from your company for a donation$50

Ask fellow members of a club/organization (5 people for $10)$50

Reach out in person to businesses that you visit often$40

Reach out to the people on your holiday card mailing list$100

Ask someone who has previously asked you for a donation$10

Ask your boss for a company contribution$75

Total: $500!
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