Morgan's GOTR NYC Spring 2018 5k Fundraiser

Morgan's GOTR NYC Spring 2018 5k Fundraiser

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run NYC

Project Created on: 05/03/2018

Project Type: Limitless Potential

Hello family and friends! On June 3rd, I am running in the Girls on the Run NYC 5k on Roosevelt Island with 500+ girls who participated in the 10-week training season this spring. As a Sparkle Runner, I am paired with a GOTR team (I am meeting my team May 18th for our practice 5k!) with which I will run the actual 5k on June 3rd. Sparkle Runners provide a familiar face of encouragement on race day, reminding the girls of the extensive amount of support they have in finishing the race and achieving the goal they have been working toward all season.


I am currently raising money with the aim of supporting full season scholarships for at least half of my team, so any donation amount is extremely appreciated! As many of you know, I am a big runner myself, and I use running as a means of clearing my head, de-stressing and reminding myself of the power and strength I have within. I believe running and the positive self-reflection it promotes is empowering, and I avidly believe in sharing this sentiment with younger generations of women especially as they navigate through any of the insecurities that come with adolescence.  


I can speak from experience that through participation in Girls on the Run's 10-week training season, each girl gains a better understanding of who she is and what's important to her, recognition of the value of team work and healthy relationships, confidence to overcome the obstacles she faces, and an appreciation for how she can positively impact and shape our world.


Your support of my fundraiser is critical in order to reach girls and ensure that Girls on the Run is accessible to all girls here in NYC who wish to participate. Thank you for your generosity, and please check out the other ways you can get involved this season at feel free to follow up with me at if you have any questions at all.


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