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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run NYC

Project Created on: 04/02/2017

Project Type: SoleMates

Hi! I'm running the Shape Half Marathon, but instead of just showing up and running a long distance, I decided to try something different and raise money for Girls on the Run.

Running has become pretty important to my life over the past few years:

  • It's how I get to know a new place, and how I settle in once I'm home again.
  • It lets me see places and things I wouldn't otherwise see (a person dressed as an Ent! The Brooklyn Bridge in fog! I'll show you my camera roll sometime).
  • It's an opportunity to reflect, to listen to your favorite (Broadway) music, or to have a great conversation.

Girls on the Run introduces middle- and highschool girls to the joys of running. It also teaches girls self-confidence and the power of physical fitness when they most need it: as teens and pre-teens.

A few hundred dollars helps a girl who couldn't afford this program on her own have a wonderful experience.

So donate! It's what the cool kids do.



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