Angela's Road to the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

Angela's Road to the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run NYC

Project Created on: 03/02/2017

Project Type: SoleMates

Hi everyone!


Thank you for visiting my page - I'm pledging to run the 2017 NYC Marathon in honor of Girls on the Run NYC!


8 months ago, I was overweight and not athletic at all. I was almost on the verge of becoming diabetic, so I made a promise to myself and my family that for my health, I'd lose weight. From that moment on, running became a hobby of mine, and I've lost 45+ pounds! A high point of my running career happened this January, when I finished my first half marathon in Disneyland.

I would like to push myself further this coming November, and so I'll be running the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon. This will be my first marathon, so I can't think of a better way to start by helping to raise funds for such an amazing cause!


*Girls on the Run* is a non-profit organization that teaches life skills to girls through running games and engaging lessons. Small teams of 8-20 girls meet twice a week for a 24-lesson curriculum that consists of three parts: understanding ourselves, valuing relationships and teamwork, and understanding how we connect with and shape the world at large - this curriculum is taught by certified Girls on the Run coaches. Girls coming out of this program will learn the following skills: to feel confident in who they are; to develop and improve their competence; to respond to themselves and others with care, compassion, and empathy; to develop strength of character; to create positive connections with peers and adults; and finally, to make a meaningful contribution to society and community, all while becoming successful women.


If you don't already know, as an undergraduate, I was part of the *Iota Chapter* of Gamma Phi Beta (an international sorority). Through GPhi, my sisters and I were very involved with Girls on the Run, from being coaches for the girls during their training season to cheering them on at the end, when they'd finish their season by running a 5K. Therefore, this organization really means so much to me, and that's why I'm honored to join their team for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon!


I'd truly appreciate it if you could donate to my campaign - every dollar will go towards helping to ensure that Girls on the Run keeps instilling in young girls the skills to be confident, strong, and healthy women.


Your generosity can fund GOTR in many ways, including:

--$35 can sponsor a pair of running shoes for one girl.

--$150 can fund healthy snacks and a pair of running shoes for 3 girls in the program.

--$300 can support a full season scholarship, and healthy snacks and running shoes for one girl.

--$1,500 can support 5 girls for a full season!


Won't you please help to build strong girls?


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful day!



Angela :)

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