Central Missouri Celebrations Fundraiser

Girls on the Run Central Missouri Celebrations Fundraiser

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Central Missouri

Project Created on: 02/13/2015

Project Type: Celebrations

Girls on the Run Celebrations Campaign

Instead of presents, add the gift of empowering girls to your special occasion wish list! Birthday, wedding, graduation… No matter the occasion, friends and family can donate to Girls on the Run in your honor.

    By taking just a few seconds to create a fundraising page and asking friends and family to donate in support of your celebration, you will enable Girls on the Run  to empower and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness and build confidence through accomplishment. 

Gifts to Girls on the Run provide the revenue needed to support key program delivery requirements including program materials, curriculum development, outreach to under served communities and grants to ensure that all girls have the opportunity to participate in this transformational program. 

 Thank you for making a difference!

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