Happy 1st Birthday !

Happy 1st Birthday Girls on the Run!

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Snohomish County

Project Created on: 05/14/2016

Project Type: Celebrations

We did it!  Girls on the Run successfully completed its inaugural season!  We over doubled our number of schools and enrollment from Fall to Spring, allowing for around 150 3rd-5th grade girls from 9 schools to take part in our Spring 5k this past weekend.  With already 12 schools committed for Fall 2016, it looks like our second year promises to be a busy one.  Our official 1st year celebration will be at Experience Momentum on June 3rd, 6:00-8pm.  All are invited!

If you've asked me about Girls on the Run, you know how much I believe in this program. Girls on the Run is a Non-profit, 10 week program that builds self-awareness, confidence, and dedication to fitness in 3rd-6th grade girls through group lessons and physical accomplishment.

The empowering messages and thoughtful curriculum address a range of topics: positive self-talk, body image, how to be a good friend and community member, bullying/rumors, and anger management skills (to name a few). I love the knowledge and power that it gives the girls, and I believe the lessons it teaches the girls are crucial at to hear prior to middle school.

I have been a board member since early 2015, and for the last 2 seasons, I have been helping out at the schools coaching the girls, teaching them these lessons, and listening to them process the concepts.  I love hearing their take on the lessons--even if it is to tell me "no offense, but kids these days are SO MEAN that none of these strategies will work!"  

In order to continue to expand as we hope to, we need your help!  There are countless ways to help our program:

1. Like Girls on the Run Snohomish County on Facebook

2.  Volunteer as a coach, or running buddy (every girl has a buddy who runs/walks the 5k with them).

3. Donate!  Preferably right now :)

Donations of ALL sizes help, but if you're a numbers person:

$300 covers the cost of program supplies for 6 sites

$250 covers background checks for 25 volunteer coaches

$225 covers the cost of snacks for one team for one season

$165 covers the cost of one girl to participate for one season

$85 covers the cost for one coach to be CPR and First Aid certified

$28 covers the cost of 5K Finisher Medals for one team

All donations are tax deductible.  Tax id #47-3083211.

Thank you so much for your support!

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