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Celebrate with Lindsay!

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Snohomish County

Project Created on: 05/11/2016

Project Type: Celebrations

Girls on the Run of Snohomish County is turning ONE!


My sister, Megan, first shared her plans to start a Girls on the Run council in Snohomish County as we ran together on the Burke-Gilman Trail about two years ago. I vowed to support her effort in any way I could. Since our official approval one year ago, Megan has worked with a growing network of supporters to build the organization into a thriving and important part of the community. The more I learned about the program, the more I wanted to be involved.


GOTR reaches girls in third through eighth grades—some of the toughest years for me growing up. At that age, I never felt comfortable in my skin. I changed whatever I could to feel like I fit in—my clothes, my interests, even my handwriting. I struggled to stand up for myself. I wanted to look like every waif-like model I saw in Seventeen magazine. As an adult, I still wrestle with the desire to fit in. I still have trouble standing up for myself and my family in positive, constructive ways instead of reacting in frustration or anger. I still struggle with body image. I still find it difficult to manage my time in a healthy way. I needed Girls on the Run as much as the girls of Snohomish County did.


My decision to volunteer as a coach last season was mostly a selfish choice—I wanted to experience the curriculum myself, and I wanted to see firsthand how the lessons impacted the girls (including Anya) on my team. The girls inspired me with their enthusiasm, goofiness, and willingness to test out these new skills during practice and in their lives outside the program. One of the first lessons motivated me to write a list of my key values and use those values to guide how I choose to use my time. This has dramatically reduced my stress level and made me happier and more productive over the past several months. Another lesson gave me the script I needed to resolve a difficult situation with someone close to me. By using what I learned in GOTR, we were able to have a respectful, positive discussion and come to a resolution that left us both feeling much better. I have watched Anya use GOTR lessons to look critically at images presented in the media, manage conflicts with friends and others, celebrate the things that make her unique, and make healthy choices about food and exercise. Seeing girls cross the finish line at our season finale 5k beaming and exhausted has inspired me to set lofty goals and be confident in my ability to work toward them.


Girls on the Run has made my life better. It has changed the way hundreds of girls in Snohomish County see themselves and their place in the world. Please donate today and help us reach as many girls (and grown-ups like me) as possible. Donate to celebrate what makes you unique. Donate in memory of your ten-year-old self. Donate to honor the friend or family member who’s always got your back. Donate to support healthy choices. Donate to inspire girls to believe in themselves. Your donation probably won’t cure cancer or save an endangered species, but it may help a girl celebrate her love of science and give her the confidence she needs to follow her passion into a career where she may conduct research that leads to life-saving cancer treatments or a breakthrough in habitat preservation. Donate to save the world! I will be eternally grateful, and so will the girls of Snohomish County. Thank you so much! 

Here are some sample amounts and what they cover:

$15 covers healthy snacks for one girl for a season

$25 covers background checks for four volunteer coaches

$50 covers good running shoes for a girl in need

$75 covers nice finisher medals for 40 girls

$100 covers materials for one Coach Kit (all materials for a team for the season)

$165 covers one full scholarship for a girl in need

$225 covers healthy snacks for an entire team for a season

$500 covers curriculum materials for five teams

$1,000 covers CPR/First Aid training for 16 coaches

$2,500 covers the full cost of a team of 15 girls

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