Raising $5050 for GOTR while running 50 on my 50th!

Raising $5050 for GOTR while running 50 on my 50th!

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Sedgwick County

Project Created on: 10/19/2015

Project Type: Celebrations

Would you please support GOTR when I visit 18 GOTR sites and run 50 Miles on my 50th birthday, November 30?  For girls in 3rd through 8th grade, Girls on the Run sets no limits, has no constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable!  

As a Girls on the Run Coach, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact that this program has not only on the girls, but also on every person who touches the program.  Each time I come to practice I am greeted by smiles, hugs and enthusiasm for learning & moving!  I am truly lucky to be involved!!

While training for a 5K run, the final celebratory event of the program, girls learn skills like:

  • how to stand up for themselves
  • how to choose friends that honor them
  • treat others with respect
  • have gratitude
  • engage in community service
  • stop a gossip chain

Every girl should have the opportunity to experience this wonderful program, which is why I am asking for your financial support today. As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Girls on the Run relies on the generosity of parents, friends and community members like you in order to serve all girls, regardless of their ability to pay.

Gifts of all sizes, be it $10, $50 or $500, will have an immediate impact on Girls on the Run.

Your generosity can fund this powerful program in many ways, including:  

  • $35 can sponsor a pair of running shoes for one girl.
  • $50 can fund a pair of running shoes, a GOTR t-shirt and 5K medal for one girl.
  • $120 provides a scholarship season for 1 lucky girl.
  • $150 covers the cost of healthy snacks for an entire team.
  • $500 provides Grown Up Guides for 500 parents so they can connect with the girls and the curriculum we cover.
  • $1800 supports an ENTIRE TEAM of 15 girls for one season including scholarships, water bottles, t-shirts, finishers medals, snacks, running buddy background checks, coaches materials box. 

To make a donation today, click here: http://giving.girlsontherun.org/Girls-on-the-Run-Sedgwick-County/sue-jenkins-celebrations-fundraiser

All gifts are tax deductible! Thank you for your kindness and support!!


Sue Jenkins

More information about Girls on the Run can be found at www.http://www.girlsontherun.org

* According to research conducted by Dr. Rita DeBate, PhD, MPH, CHES, assistant professor in the department of Health Behavior at UNC-Charlotte, the Girls on the Run Curricula improves girls’ self-esteem, body image and eating attitudes to a “statistically significant” extent.

Problems for Today’s Girls:

  • Three million young Americans seriously considered suicide in 2000 and of those, over 1 million actually tried to kill themselves.
  • Girls were twice as likely as boys to report contemplating suicide.
  • Body dissatisfaction and dietary restraint are predictors of depression in girls.
  • Almost two-thirds of girls in 5th – 12th grades are dissatisfied with their body shape and want to lose weight.
  • Girls as young as five form negative self-images based on their weight. 
  • Among girls, an emphasis on popularity and slimness along with increased television viewing are linked to low self-esteem.

Good News:

  • Girls who participate in physical activities are 40% less likely to smoke, have higher levels of self-esteem, better body image, and lower levels of depression. 
  • Girls who have experienced emotional trauma respond positively to physical fitness programs.
  • Girls who participate in physical activities are less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors during adolescence.
  • Girls who participate in physical exercise have better relationships with parents, get better grades, are less likely to use drugs and less depressed compared to girls who don’t.

Girls on the Run Participants have…

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Improved eating attitudes
  • An improved body image
  • A positive peer group and positive role models

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