Tanya Ouhrabka: Help me give girls the GOTR gift!

Tanya Ouhrabka: Help me give girls the GOTR gift!

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Rhode Island

Project Created on: 07/24/2018

Project Type: SoleMates

As a certified life coach for girls and women I see a need for programming that enhances girls' social, psychological, and physical skills and behaviors to successfully navigate life experiences.  Independently I guide girls through their early years with support and guidance towards achieving these goals.  Collectively, with amazing organizations like GOTR, we huge impact is made in the lives of these girls by bringing it to another level.  The more often they hear the positive messages and receive the tools they need in order to be the best they can be, the more likely they are to bring it to fruition-they can be and do anything!

I was drawn to GOTR because they have the same mission as I do-to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident.  GOTR achieves this by implementing fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Running and physical activity are used to build confidence and set goals.  The 10 week, twice weekly sessions after school, commence with a celebratory 5k event which gives girls a sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals; for GOTR participants, the finish line is just the beginning.

Running played a huge part in my life beginning in middle school and has continued to do so throughout my adult life.  It has been a constant source of mental and physical conditioning for me.  I feel such gratitude for having been able to use my body in this way, and hope to spread this to our girls.

Studies show that girls' self-confidence begins to drop by age 9.  50% of girls ages 10-13 experience bullying such as name calling and exclusion at a time when peer relationships become more central to girls' lives.  Additionally, physical activity levels decline starting at age 10 and continue to decline throughout adolescence.

Financial barriers are the most common challenge preventing girls from participating in GOTR programs.  In an effort to minimize this financial barrier, GOTRRI is committed to providing financial assistance to at least 30% of our 600 girls annually and SoleMates directly helps GOTRRI meet this goal.

I have the beautiful opportunity of being a GOTRRI coach in Barrington this Fall and can't wait to see all the amazing girls flourish and grow!

Please help me and GOTRRI get these girls into the Fall 2018 program by donating to my run in the Narragansett, RI Half Marathon! Thanks so much! Tanya



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