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Lisa for Girls On The Run

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Rhode Island

Project Created on: 07/19/2018

Project Type: SoleMates

Thank you for your interest in supporting Girls On The Run Rhode Island!

In 2018, I'll be involved in GOTR in two ways: Fundraising here as a Sole Mate, culiminating in running the Narragansett Half Marathon on October 28th, and also by coaching a local Heart & Sole Team, made up of a group of incredible, amazing, inspiring girls who are in 6th-8th grade. 

Not sure where to start supporting this amazing mission? First, please consider sharing this page and the mission of Girls on the Run with your friends via social media, email, etc. Secondly, please consider a financial donation of $10 (the number of weeks of a GOTR Program), $13 (for each mile I'll be running in the half marathon), $28 (my age this year) or more! 

By donating and/or sharing, you're supporting the 600+ girls enrolled in Girls on the Run around the state and across the country. 

Finally, if you know of any parents or young girls in your area who might benefit from Girls On The Run, be sure to share the organization and our mission with them! The more girls we can serve, the better. 

Studies show that girls’ self-confidence begins to drop by age 9. 50% of girls ages 10 to 13 experience bullying such as name calling and exclusion at a time when peer relationships become more central to girls’ lives. Additionally, physical activity levels decline starting at age 10 and continue to decline throughout adolescence.

There is a critical need for programming that enhances girls’ social, psychological and physical skills and behaviors to successfully navigate life experiences.

During the 10-week GOTR season each fall and spring, girls meet twice a week in teams of up to 15 girls with their trained Volunteer Coaches. The intentionally designed curriculum includes lessons that address critical life skills such as how to manage emotions, help others, make intentional decisions, and resolve conflict that they use at home, at school, and with friends. Running and physical activity are used to build confidence and set goals. The season concludes with a celebratory 5K event which gives girls a sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals; for GOTR participants, the finish line is just the beginning.



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