Birthday celebration 51 ways to say Thank You!!

Birthday celebration 51 ways to say Thank You!!

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Pocono

Project Created on: 02/23/2016

Project Type: Celebrations

 Girls on the Run has empowered over a million girls to be joyful, healthy, & confident during the tender developmental years of 3rd through 8th grade?

 On March 19 I will be turning 51 so what a better way to celebrate my birthday then to raise money for our scholarship program for Girls on the run! Instead of gifts this year I ask that you make a donation to help support a program that is dear to my heart.

My goal is to fill all of these circles in completely but it will take two donations per amount!! Life is all about teaching goals so please help me reach mine by my Birthday on March 19. I will thank you in a very unique way for your gift of LOVE!!

 I brought this amazing program for girls back to our area in 2002 and little did I know how much it would change my life too. I am thankful everyday that I found this program in an advertisement in Runners World magazine the morning after a run with my daughter Brit. I am grateful to all the amazing girls and families that have come into my life from the program!!  I have seen firsthand the transformations cultivated in the girls as well as coaches and families of the girls.

 I am thankful for my GOTR family from different councils from around the US of whom I would have never met. 

Often I  wonder what path my life  would have taken if I did not set out on a run that morning with my daughter telling me to wait for her!! I also wonder what path my own 2 daughters life would have taken  if they did not have the tools to get through such a crucial part of their lives. 

Girls on the run gives young girls the confidence to believe that they can do anything possible!! We envision a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. Our goal is to make the program accessible to all girls regardless of their financial situation.  

I am a much stronger, confident person because of the program and because of the amazing woman I have traveled this journey with. So help me celebrate my birthday by donating any dollar amount between $1 and $51 .

We must give our youth the social, emotional, & physical skills they need to honor themselves, while embracing difference & finding strength through connection.  Girls on the Run does exactly that.  So, as I celebrate 51 years on this planet, I challenge you to celebrate with me, and make a donation towards sponsoring a team of girls who otherwise would be unable to participate.  

It costs $2,500 to sponsor a team of 20 girls . However you cannot put a price tag on empowering young girls today!!  

With much love 

Dolores :) 

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