Frizzy Feminists Run for GOTR North Central WV

Frizzy Feminists Run for GOTR North Central WV

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run North Central West Virginia

Project Created on: 07/26/2018

Project Type: SoleMates


I first heard about GOTR of North Central WV (then GOTR of Monongalia County) when I was randomly partnered with the organization for a Community Nutrition class as a WVU student. I remember Laurie, the Executive Director at the time, giving a quick overview of the GOTR mission and program and I knew that I needed to get involved on a larger level than just a student project. I went home and signed up for pretty much every opportunity that I could, starting with my first marathon run as a SoleMate and my first year as a coach. Over the last 6 years, I have served within the organization in various roles- Student Intern, Volunteer, Coach, SoleMate's Coordinator, 5K Director, and this will make my third run dedicated to SoleMates.

From the day I first read their mission, I have loved the GOTR program. I have learned so much from the girls and the amazing volunteers, staff, and board members, who help to inspire and empower girls! Please help us to raise funds to continue the program and help to ensure that all girls are able to participate through our scholarship fund!



 I discovered Girls on the Run (GOTR) back in 2009 when I was asked to work with a nonprofit for an undergrad course assignment. I visited West Virginia University's Civic Engagement website and randomly selected the organization. I spent the semester working with then council director and founder, Laurie Abildso, creating marketing materials for the organization, and quickly realized that I didn't want to step away when the class ended. Laurie invited me to sit on their advisory board and I eventually took on the role of SoleMates coordinator, which is where I met my SoleMates teammate and amazing friend, Rachel Byrne. Little did I know the friendship that lie ahead of us! 

Fast forward nine years and I'm still a proud board member of the council. I currently sit as board chair for GOTR of North Central WV (GOTRNCWV) and have decided to run the Mountain Mama 8K as a SoleMate with Rachel. (Did I mention she too went from volunteer to SoleMates coordinator and is now our 5K director?!) Through our mutual love of the organization, we've decided to put our sneakers to good use and raise money for the organization we both care for so deeply. 

I volunteer with GOTRNCWV, because I believe every girl deserves the opportunity to help understand and harness the true inner power she posses. As a volunteer, I know I'm helping this organization unleash the strength, bravery, and limitless potential of girls in my community and that is a truly amazing feeling. 

Am I nervous about tackling a longer distance race than I've ever completed? Absolutely! However, just like the organization's mission states, GOTR has inspired me to be more joyful, healthy and confident in everything I do! 

Will you help shape the lives of girls in the community by donating towards our goal? Trust me when I say your money will absolutely go to a truly awesome cause. 

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