Second Wind Year End Giving

Second Wind Year End Giving

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run New Jersey East

Project Created on: 10/21/2016

Project Type: Celebrations

This may be a familiar scenario: you're running a race, working toward a dream, or giving your all to care for a friend or family member. For a long while, things are going well, and things don't seem to take much effort. This is to be expected; after all, this is just the first stretch, and you were ready for this. But after some time, the effort starts to wear on you. You're still on track and working toward the finish, but you find yourself looking for that second wind to provide new strength as you strive to reach your goals.


At Girls on the Run NJ East, one of our hopes is that we will be able to provide our programming to an increasing number of girls who live in underserved areas of our council territory. While this work is energizing and rewarding, it isn't easy, and we need your support. Your help will give us a second wind, new strength to keep moving forward.


A generous donor has stepped forward to match donations that we receive toward this effort from now through the end of 2016. Donations support our Every Girl Can Run! initiative, which provides Girls on the Run programming to underserved communities in our council territory and grants increased financial assistance to lower income families throughout our five counties. We started this initiative in 2013 with one site in Newark, and it has grown to the point where, this spring, we had 8 EGCR sites and offered some form of financial assistance to 16% of the girls who participated across all of our sites. 


Help us to finish strong in 2016. Together, we can do it. Double your impact, and donate today!

-Love from us at GOTR, where the finish line is just the beginning

Help us to empower young girls in our local communities!

-$35 provides a pair of running shoes to one girl

-$195 covers the program fee for one girl

-$250 supports the full program cost for one girl, including program fee, 5K registration, and running shoes

-$2500 funds one team of girls

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