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GOTR NJ East I want you to know campaign

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About this project

GOTR Council: Girls on the Run New Jersey East

Project Created on: 07/20/2015

Project Type: Celebrations

I want you to know...

That you are brave.

That you are strong.

That you are beautiful.

That you are talented.

That there is no one else quite like you… and that’s a good thing.

The “what”: Too often we don’t tell those coming after us what they really need to hear. Well, we want to change that. To continue to build strong, confident, empowered girls we need to give them words of truth to hold on to!

The “how”: Create a brief video stating what you want girls aged 3rd grade - 8th grade to know about themselves, about the world, about life, etc.

Maybe it’s something you wish you had known at their age.

Maybe it’s something someone told you that has changed your life, and you’ve never forgotten it.

In your video:

  1. Introduce yourself by stating your name and something about yourself.

  2. Deliver one or two lines starting with, “Dear [strong/happy/joyful/energetic etc] girl, I want you to know... ”

  3. Finish with an energy cheer (if you know one) and post your video to Facebook or Instagram.

  4. Post the statement, “I made this video in support of (tag @Girls on the Run of New Jersey East for Facebook; tag @gotr_nj for Instagram)!! I now challenge (tag 3 people) to make a video just like mine, telling girls aged 3rd to 8th grade a bit of wisdom you wish you knew when you were their age! OR you can donate $15 for GOTR NJ East’s 15th year serving our girls. Visit to donate. If you want to make a meaningful, lasting difference in the lives of girls in your community, join us as a COACH this fall! Visit for more information.”

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