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Laura's 5K Run

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run New Jersey East

Project Created on: 12/19/2016

Project Type: SoleMates

I will be running a 5K on March 11, 2017 and I wanted to run for a cause. It seems only right to choose Girls on the Run as my cause.

Please help me in my quest to raise money for this wonderful program.

$35 provides a pair of running shoes to one girl

$195 covers the program fee for one girl

$250 supports the full program cost for one girl, including program fee, 5K registration, and running shoes

$2500 funds one team of girls


Here's a little bit about why you should donate to GOTR (from the official website):


We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.


Girls on the Run® New Jersey East is a 501(c)3 positive youth development program which combines an interactive curriculum and running to inspire self-respect and healthy lifestyles in pre-teen girls. Our core curriculum addresses many aspects of girls’ development – their physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. Lessons help girls make positive decisions  to avoid risky adolescent behaviors. At the end of each program the girls run a celebratory 5K to experience the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment. However, at Girls on the Run, the finish line is just the beginning, as our ultimate goal is to provide the girls with tools and resources that develop their ability to think critically - a skill that will serve them well for a lifetime.

Some Sad Facts For Today’s Girls:

  • Body dissatisfaction and dietary restraint are predictors of depression in girls.
  • Almost two-thirds of girls in 5th-12th grades are dissatisfied with their body shape and want to lose weight.
  • Girls as young as five form negative self-images based on their weight.
  • Among girls, an emphasis on popularity and slimness along with increased television viewing are linked to low self-esteem.

If You Want To Help Change That, Here Is Some Good News:

  • Girls who participate in physical activities are 40% less likely to smoke, have higher levels of self-esteem, better body images, and lower levels of depression.
  • Girls who have experienced emotional trauma respond positively to physical fitness programs.
  • Girls who participate in physical activities are less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior during adolescence.
  • Girls who participate in physical exercise have better relationships with parents, get better grades, are less likely to use drugs and are less depressed than girls who don’t.

And The Best News? If a Girl is Involved With Girls On The Run:

  • she has higher self-esteem
  • she has improved eating attitudes
  • she has an improved body image
  • she has a positive peer group and positive role models for her future

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