GOTR Baker's Dozen 13.1

GOTR Baker's Dozen 13.1

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run New Jersey East

Project Created on: 12/12/2016

Project Type: SoleMates

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you will consider supporting my Girls on the Run fundraising effort. I will be running the Baker's Dozen 13.1 in Montclair, NJ on March 25. Those of you who know me well might think this mileage is a walk in the park for me but I am definitely feeling my age these days. This goal is a bit of a stretch for me currently but I am excited to do it for "my girls". As a GOTR coach for the past 4 seasons, I have helped 3rd-5th grade girls with no running experience accomplish a 5K while learning about "trying their best", "having fun" and "being themselves". These are such important lifelong skills for girls and young women! Your dollars will ensure that many more girls can take advantage of this unbelievably  valuable program.  Thank you in advance for your consideration. 

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