Maya on the Run!

Maya on the Run!

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run Maine

Project Created on: 10/12/2016

Project Type: Girl Power

We started a fundraiser page if you'd like to donate to this incredible program! All donations go to our local program which is very cool. The cost is reasonable largely in part because of the generosity of the community. I'm thrilled Maya is a part of it, a team of runners that talk about positive self-image, making good decisions, and healthy life-style choices. Brilliant. With so much garbage in the media right now, thankfully we have amazing groups like this. The coaches are all volunteers, and wonderful role-models for the girls.

It was a tough sell to get Maya to join, but I knew she'd (eventually) love it. Yesterday her coach said she's an incredible runner, focused and determined. I know what running does for me, mind and body. My dream is that Maya finds the same inspiration and her true inner runner.

Wish us luck! I will need it anyway.


Tanya and Maya

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