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Warrior Heart

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run International

Project Created on: 08/02/2016

Project Type: Celebrations

My dad supported and encouraged my running from the time I was 14 years old.  He always believed in me and never told me that I couldn't reach a goal I set for myself.  He shared in the joy of running by beginning to run himself all those years ago and this created a beautiful bond for us that lasted 24 years.  Unfortunately his running journey ended last August as he passed away after suffering a heart attack on a run.  My father had a great big open and welcoming heart.  He was a man who believed in people and wanted others to believe in themselves.  To honor my dad and his memory, I'm raising money for other girls who are learning to believe in themselves through running just as I did 25 years ago.  I believe this fundraiser can help support them as they set out to conquer their own goals.  I want to carry on the light, love and heart my father brought to running by helping young girls develop strength and perseverance.  I want to help them develop Warrior Hearts, hearts that won't be discouraged but will be strong in the face of challenge and full in moments when they are courageous.  My father had that kind of heart and I want to pass that on.

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