Lola's First 5k

Lola's First 5k

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GOTR Council: Girls on the Run International

Project Created on: 10/11/2016

Project Type: Girl Power

Dear Family and Friends, 

At the start of this school year I was chosen to be a part of the Girls on the Run program. Girls on the Run makes me feel happy and strong. I have learned that I am responsible for making good choices, being a good friend and creating good habits to keep me balanced. In a few weeks I will run my first 5k! This makes me feel happy and proud that I will reach the goal I've been working so hard for. 

I want other girls in my community and Maine to have the opportunity to have the same great experience that I am having. Without community support many girls wouldn't be able to participate in this awesome program. Will you please help me raise money for scholarships and program costs so more girls in Maine can participate in Girls on the Run?

Thank you for helping these girls and for helping me reach my fundraising goals. 



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